white llama
Fiber from Stoney Hedge Farm

Some great attributes of our fiber: 1. Fire retardant, one of the least flammable, difficult to ignite, slow spreading flames. It’s easy to extinguish, it beads like ash, and does not stick to your skin. 2. Absorbs moisture from skin and increases your comfort factor. 3. It's lightweight, versatile, and is an all-weather fiber. 4. It's great for spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, felting, insulation, batting, and many more uses. 5. It's very fine and not "itchy" against the skin.

My goal is to better educate consumers to the excellent properties of this fiber and the industry.

The attributes of the llama and alpaca are very similar. The careful and selective breeding of the llama in the past has improved their fiber. As with all fibers, quallity depends on the animal care and breeding.

alpaca two llamas two alpacas and one llama